SAEM research learning series

In this podcast episode of the SAEM Research Learning Series, Drs. Mary and Nate Haas interview Zackary Meisel, MD, MPH, MSHP from University of Pennsylvania (research bio). In this episode, Zack shares practical advice, framed by his own personal path to building a successful research career. Listen to how he evolved from originally being a prehospital researcher to carving a unique niche in research on evidence-based narratives.

Podcast: How to turn your interest into research

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Take home points

  1. Be focused in your but also be nimble enough to pivot your research if needed.
  2. As an early researcher, be open and be inclined to say yes to new opportunities.
  3. Stay curious and read outside your domain, because research careers have been made from the collision of ideas from different domains.
  4. Mentor others.
  5. Get involved with committees and organizations to get involved with mentors and find potential projects.
Mary Haas, MD

Mary Haas, MD

Clinical Instructor and Education Fellow
Assistant Program Director
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Michigan/Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital