Trick of the Trade: Reducing the metacarpal neck fracture

General principles of fracture reduction involve axially distracting or pulling on a fracture fragment and pushing the piece back into anatomical alignment. This can be seen in the video below (automatically starts at 2:25 for the actual procedure). What if this approach doesn’t work? The fracture fragment remains immobile despite your best efforts.


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New video series: P-Videos by Dr. Jeremy Faust

Welcome to the blog Dr. Jeremy Faust, who is currently an emergency medicine resident from Mount Sinai Hospital and Elmhurst Hospital Center. He’s a frequent contributor to ACEP News, a proud proponent of Free Open Access Medical Education (#FOAMed), and a classical musician and producer. We extremely lucky to have Jeremy join our ALiEM blog team.

What are P-Videos? (more…)

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Patwari Academy videos: ACLS (parts 4-6)

Below are the next 3 video installments of Dr. Rahul Patwari’s digital whiteboard talks on ACLS. These videos cover:

  • Cardiac arrest (Vfib and Vtach)
  • Cardiac arrest (More of Vfib and Vtach)
  • Cardiac arrest (Asystole and PEA)

I love that each video is less than 15 minutes long. Also, even if you aren’t a medical student, these are great refreshers. For instance, don’t forget that atropine is no longer on the 2010 ACLS algorithm for asystole.


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