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Article Review: Online curriculum for non-EM residents in the ED

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  In many academic Emergency Departments, there are “off-service” or non-EM residents rotating in the department. They are sometimes invited to the EM residency conference series for the month. Often times though, they have too many departmental didactic events and obligations of their own that they don’t have time to attend formal EM didactics. […]

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VIPER video: How to give effective feedback

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A few years ago, Dr. Esther Choo and I created a fun 15-minute instructional video on called Giving Effective Feedback: Beyond “Great Job”. We had a blast recording sample feedback scenarios with our faculty and medical students. For every 1 minute of published footage, there were at least 9 minutes of bloopers and laughter! We definitely should keep our day job. […]

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Article review: Academic professional bankruptcy

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In academia, faculty are expected to do it all– clinical care, bedside teaching, formal didactics, scholarly work, and administrative projects. Asking for protected time, or release time from clinical work, from your department chair is often a difficult negotiation process, especially for junior faculty. Fresh out of residency and fellowship training, junior faculty are just excited to get started as an academic faculty member. A downpour of exciting opportunities descends upon you, and you just can’t say no to them! A year later passes, and you realize that you are overwhelmed. […]

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Hot off the press: A summary of EM content in social media

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The ever-creative and ambitious masterminds at Life in the Fast Lane has just launched a new feature called LITFL Review. This weekly review will highlight all-things EM in the social media world. Do they ever sleep over there in Australia?! Do they somehow have 25 hours in their day? […]

Diagnoses that sound alike

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Emergency Medicine is as much about taking care of undifferentiated patients as it is about naming specific signs, symptoms and diagnoses. After 10 years of medical training I’ve noticed that there are a few diseases that require us to stop and think a bit. In particular I’m thinking about conditions that share these features: They sound-alike, look-alike, or share words or roots of words They affect a specific organ or part of the body They have very different etiologies, implications, prognosis and treatment The two sets of diagnoses that I encounter most frequently with this problem are Mesenteric Ischemia (or [...]

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Trick of the Trade: Self-Reflection

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  After a shift, we often review the day’s case with our learners. We sometimes ask them to self-reflect. I often used Demian’s ‘Plus/Delta’ approach and ask ‘What did you like /what would you change?’ This approach works well mostly. But, when the answer is ‘I don’t think I would change anything’, it is hard to target teaching and feedback to the learner’s need. […]

Article review: Consensus methodologies in qualitative research

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What types of methodologies are used to develop a consensus statement? I’m in the midst of helping to write a consensus statement manuscript in education and ran into this great review article. It’s from the British Medical Journal in 1995.  Basically, there are 2 general types of methodologies: Delphi Process Nominal Group Technique  […]

Article review: Coaching in emergency medicine

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  After a chaotic shift, you and your learner sit down to complete the daily evaluation card. There are no significant issues with the learner. Is there anything else to write except ‘great shift’ or ‘read more’? Can we learn from excellent motivators such as sports coaches? This article by LeBlanc and Sherbino outlines coaching as a teaching technique in the ED. […]