29 08, 2014

EM Match Advice: Interviewing Strategies


We are thrilled to hear that the first three Google Hangout videos for EM Match Advice were helpful for medical students, applying into EM. With interview season rapidly approaching in a few months (Nov-Feb), we gathered a few of our favorite program directors to discuss interviewing tips. Thanks again to Dr. Mike Gisondi for spearheading this innovative and helpful resource for medical students.


20 08, 2014

EM Match Advice: The EM Rotation, ERAS, and Am I Competitive?


Today launches a series of Google Hangout videos, which was created and expertly facilitated by Dr. Michael Gisondi (@MikeGisondi) from Northwestern. In this series, he recruited an amazing panel of program directors from around the country, who have kindly volunteered their time to share their insights and expertise. In these videos, you get a sense of each panelist’s personalities while they outdo each other with behind-the-scenes advice and stories, which would normally be shared only at the institutional level. Our videocasts are a unique must-see for medical students interested in and applying into Emergency Medicine (EM). Keep a look out for more videos in the future! (more…)

9 10, 2013

Residency Interview Tips


PickMeInterview season is an exciting and stressful time for applicants and for residency programs. Both sides are invested in finding the right fit, and the interview process is integral to the process. Unfortunately, being integral doesn’t mean its easy.  Here are some tips to the interview process.


28 02, 2013

Built a 20-person worldwide educator panel in two hours


WorldPeopleYesterday I had the pleasure of sharing my thoughts to an enthusiastic crowd of UCSF preclinical medical students on one of my favorite topics “Technology and Social Media in Emergency Medicine”. This is the perfect target audience to teach about developing a workflow habit for keeping up with digital information, since they are only starting to grow their clinical knowledge foundation.

On the morning of my noon talk, I regretted not recruiting some fellow FOAMed (Free Open Access Meducation) supporters to email me their thoughts about why social media is here to stay in medical education. How great would it have been to share the collective thoughts of leaders in this area?


15 02, 2013

Making Your Match Rank List


This is the moment your whole medical school career has been hinging upon: 

Match Rank List Time!

It is time to get serious and come up with a rank list that maximizes your chances of getting your first choice residency. Ranking programs is a personal decision making process, because everyone has different priorities and life circumstances. Therefore, no one piece of advice applies to everyone. This is a run down of my own personal thoughts of what is important.


18 10, 2012

Medical students: Looking for 2013 SAEM meeting ambassadors!


SAEMlogoAre you a medical student interested in EM and going to be near Atlanta in May 2013? Apply for this great opportunity! Here is the announcement from SAEM:

Opportunity: Medical Student Ambassadors to 2013 SAEM Annual Meeting

SAEM is looking for 17 energetic, responsible and enthusiastic medical students to work with the SAEM Program Committee at the Annual Meeting in Atlanta, May 15-18, 2013. This is a great opportunity to network with faculty members from EM programs around the country.