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PEM Pearls: Migraine Treatment for Pediatric EM Patients

migraine treatment for pediatric em patients © Can Stock Photo / SergiyNYou are working your evening shift at the pediatrics emergency department, and you walk into a darkened patient room with a distressed mother and her otherwise healthy 10-year old son who is curled in a ball, holding his head and crying. Her mother tells you that the around-the-clock ibuprofen has barely touched his 2-day headache.

After determining that your patient has no neurologic deficits and that this is most likely a primary headache, what can you do to break his symptoms?


Did you know that there are new Tox/Meds PV Cards?

tox AgileMDDon’t know when to use ketofol for procedure sedation or if you can rapidly load phenytoin? See the new PV-Plus Cards on AgileMD for free on any smartphone/tablet/desktop. Other topics include:

  • Thrombolytics for submassive PE
  • Vasopressor agents for the hypotensive patients
  • Tramadol
  • t-PA for codes
  • Searchable Emergency Drug Card with dosages for Adults and Pediatrics

UPDATE Jan 1, 2018: The PV Cards are no longer on AgileMD.

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Highland Emergency Ultrasound website: Check it out

emergency ultrasound 1Need a quick refresher course on how to do an ultrasound-guided ear block or ankle arthrocentesis? I recently found out about Drs. Andrew Herring and Arun Nagdev’s Highland Emergency Ultrasound website and thought it was a great resource to share with others in the EM world. The website has easy-to-follow pictorial instructions of anatomic landmarks, probe placement, and ultrasound images of the most common blocks and other procedures.


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