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Trick of the Trade: Face mask hacks

face mask hacksA 35-year-old male working as a healthcare worker presents for evaluation of ear discomfort. The skin behind his ears has been red and irritated since having to wear a surgical face mask with the majority of his patient interactions [1]. He has tried to minimize wearing his mask in the appropriate circumstances,  using lotions and emollients, but still has a significant amount of discomfort [2].


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Diagnose on Sight: Post-traumatic Finger Pain

acute osteomyelitis Case: A 32-year-old male with a past medical history of diabetes presents with a 1 month history of finger pain after slamming his finger in a car door. 2 weeks after the initial incident he presented to the emergency department for worsening pain and received x-rays that were negative for acute fracture. Today he presents reporting pain radiating up the hand, arm, and into the shoulder, with associated chills. His labs are significant for hyperglycemia, hyponatremia, and an elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate and c-reactive protein. His x-ray is seen here (figure 1 image courtesy of Daniel Rogan, MD). What is the diagnosis?


Future of ALiEM: Need YOUR Input

surveyWith the arrival of a new decade, the ALiEM team has gotten quite reflective. Our last readership survey was in 2015 and it’s time for another check-in. We can track many things through Google Analytics, but there’s nothing like hearing from you directly to help us shape the upcoming year, 5 years, and 10 years. Your input is incredibly helpful to help us. We want to tailor our priorities to what YOU want. We are a volunteer organization, made up of passionate, early-adopting educators. Help us stay focused on what makes ALiEM special, helpful, and meaningful to you.

Please donate 1 minute of your time to fill out this quick survey. Once you submit your feedback on our survey, you can see what everyone else said. The beautiful infographic results page by Google Forms is worth seeing too. Thanks for considering!

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Winner of the 2020 ALiEM-EEM Fellowship Contest: Dr. Mark Ramzy


After receiving numerous high-quality submissions, we are proud to announce the winners of the 2020 Essentials of Emergency Medicine (EEM) Education Fellowship contest! Dr. Mark Ramzy from the Maimonides Medical Center Emergency Medicine Residency program has won the blog post competition. A blinded ALiEM voting panel selected his winning post after carefully examining all of the excellent entries. We are thrilled to feature it today on the blog and look forward to meeting him in San Francisco in May at the 3-day event. Thank you to everyone who submitted their work!

Dr. Mark Ramzy
Emergency Medicine Resident
Maimonides Medical Center Emergency Medicine


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APPLY NOW: 2020 Essentials of Emergency Medicine Education Fellowship Program

The 2020 Essentials of Emergency Medicine (EEM) conference is in May 2020, but opportunities start NOW. This conference is one of the largest live EM educational conferences in the world with over 2,000 attendees. The conference organizers, led by Dr. Paul Jhun, are again offering an amazing opportunity for EM residents anywhere in the world to serve as an EEM Fellow for the next EEM conference May 21-23, 2020.


Trick of the Trade: DIY Skyhook for Upper Extremity Swelling

A 25 year-old male presents to the ED complaining of left upper extremity pain, redness, and swelling. His cat bit him 2 days ago and his symptoms started today. On exam he has impressive induration, erythema, and warmth to the dorsum of the hand and forearm. He is neurovascularly intact and able to range his joints freely. In addition to IV antibiotics, you would like to keep his arm elevated while in the hospital. What is an easy and simple way help ensure that this patient keeps his arm elevated?

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