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Mercer University School of Medicine
Houston Medical Center (Warner Robins, GA)

Sternoclavicular Joint Dislocations: Diagnosis and Treatment

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A 16-year-old football player presents to the emergency department directly from a game. He was tackled, falling onto his right shoulder. The patient is complaining of right-sided chest pain. On exam, there is tenderness over the right sternoclavicular joint (SCJ) with a prominent medial clavicle. Range of motion is limited in the right arm. What diagnostic studies need to be performed? What treatment is warranted in the emergency department?

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EM-IM Residency Training: Is 5 Years Worth It?

As a new member of the ALiEM team, I am joining Dr. Salim Rezaie as the second member to be board certified in both Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine. Since 2006, I have been asked numerous times, “Why EM/IM?” My answer is simple: I like both. But five years of residency and not be a surgeon? What can you do with this type of training?


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