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EM Match Advice: Making The Perfect Rank Order List

With interview season rapidly approaching in a few months (Nov-Feb), we gathered a few more of our favorite program directors to discuss the hot topic of making the rank order list. We feature Dr. Colleen Roche (George Washington), Dr. Jonathan Davis (Georgetown), and Dr. Brian Stettler (Univ of Cincinnati). Thanks again to Dr. Mike Gisondi (Northwestern) for spearheading this innovative and helpful EM Match Advice video series for medical students.


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I am Dr. Mike Mallin: Co-Host of Ultrasound Podcast: How I Work Smarter

In this new installment in the “How I Work Smarter” series, we are featuring Dr. Mike Mallin (@UltrasoundPod), who is half of ultrasound education royalty with Dr. Matt Dawson, who was featured last week in this series. Mike’s work is impressive and I often cite and quote his 2014 publication in Academic Medicine entitled “A survey of the current utilization of asynchronous education among emergency medicine residents in the United States” [Pubmed]. Genius idea for a paper, which no one has done before. Mike was kind enough to share his sage words of wisdom. Did you know he has sub-macros for his macros? #MindBlown  (more…)

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I am Dr. Matt Dawson – Co-Host of Ultrasound Podcast: How I Work Smarter

In this new installment in the “How I Work Smarter” series, we are featuring one half of ultrasonography royalty, Dr. Matt Dawson (@UltrasoundPod), who has dominated the EM ultrasound world along with Dr. Mike Mallin (who is featured next week!). I am always impressed with how Matt can do it all – create, podcast, publish e-books and journal articles, and email responsively. Take a read of his practical pearls, although now I no longer wonder how he manages to reply to emails so promptly …

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I am Dr. Rob Mac Sweeney, Editor for Critical Care Reviews: How I Work Smarter

In this new installment in the “How I Work Smarter” series, we feature Dr. Rob Mac Sweeney (@CritCareReviews), who is the editor for the prolific and very popular blog Critical Care Reviews. Twitter fans nominated him: “Everyone would like to know how you manage to produce such a resource and find the time to breath!” and “Rob never sleeps. Can be no other explanation!” Rob has agreed to share his trade secrets on how he works smarter and seeming finds more time in the day than us mere mortals.


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I am Amal Mattu, ECG nerd and author of Emergency ECG Video of the Week: How I Work Smarter

As this series has progress, we have received a multitude of nominations for call-outs. One of the most popular requests was to have Dr. Amal Mattu (@amalmattu) share his efficiency secrets. Amal has blanketed the world of continuing medical education with didactics and workshops on ECG interpretation and faculty development skills. He authors the extremely popular Emergency ECG Video of the Week series and hosts a monthly EMCast podcast for Emedhome.com. He also the Consulting Editor for Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America. He does it all. When I emailed requesting his insights, I was surprised to hear his response.


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PV Card: Focused Abdominal Aorta Ultrasound

UltrasoundIn this next ultrasound installment in the PV Card series, Drs. Victoria Koskenoja, Heidi Kimberly, and Mike Stone succinctly summarize the focused abdominal aorta ultrasound to assess for an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). These can serve as key reference cards when you do your next AAA scan. Don’t miss the last card with tips on optimizing the view and common pitfalls.


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