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Top 20 ALiEM Clinical Posts in 2014

top_20_pedestal_6499Seasons greetings from the ALiEM. We have been expanding our range of posts in the hopes of sharing new lessons, exploring the concept of digital scholarship, and advancing life skills. Based on our recent survey, we understand that our loyal base of readers are those looking for clinical content. So here are our top 20 most popular ALiEM clinical posts in 2014. Did you read these?


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I am Professor Simon Carley, co-creator of St. Emlyn’s blog: How I Work Smarter

Professor Simon Carley’s (@EMManchester) many roles and titles would not fit in the title of this post, and so I mentioned the St. Emlyn’s blog because this was how I first learned of Simon and his passionate dedication for education. As the co-creator of the St. Emlyn’s blog and podcast, Simon worked with a team of amazing contributors teaching about EM, critical care, and medical education. Fun fact: Simon starred in a Trick of the Trade video on Ring Removal on ALiEM that thus far has >1.8 million views! He has been incredibly successful in two contrasting careers – the worlds of online education and academia. He has published over 100 academic papers and serves as the Associate Editor for the Emergency Medicine Journal. How does he juggle his time? Does he have 25 hours in a day? Simon shared with us his trade secrets.


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ALiEM Expert Peer Reviewed Posts in 2014

ExpertPeerReviewStamp2x200Last year, we launched a new initiative to bring on solicited Expert Peer Reviewers (EPR) for selected posts. These reviewers would need to have specific credentials, such as having previously published in a journal or textbook, presented the topic at a national conference, or have extra training in the area. In fact, we have added this as an required feature for all posts which have come through our New Submissions process. We wish to thank all our expert peer reviewers, who have kindly provided their open comments, which have significantly added to the educational value of the post. Below lists the 22 ALiEM expert peer reviewed posts in 2014:


I am Eve Purdy, author of Manu et Corde blog: How I Work Smarter

Eve Purdy (@Purdy_Eve) is one of those rising stars in medical education, who “leads from the middle” in her role as a senior medical student at Queen’s University. She is already quite involved as a blogger at Manu et Corde, a Medical Student Editor at Boring EM, and as a part of the ALiEM Book Club team. I, along with many others, are eager to see what Eve has in store for the world of medical education in her early promising superstar career. Eve was tagged by Dr. Teresa Chan in a previous How I Work Smarter post and was kind enough to share her tips for, as Eve states, “TRYING to work smarter”.


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Future of ALiEM: Need YOUR input

The 2014 year has been amazing. As 2015 approaches, the ALiEM team has gotten quite reflective and thankful for the past amazing 12 months. We can track many things through Google Analytics, but there’s nothing like hearing from our readership directly to help us shape the upcoming 12 months. There are many innovative plans in the works, and your input would be incredibly helpful to help us tailor our priorities to what YOU want. We are a volunteer organization, made up of passionate, early-adopting educators, who are asking for nothing more than YOUR valuable input. Please donate 1 minute of your time to fill out this quick survey. Once you submit your feedback, you can see what everyone else said. The beautiful infographic results page by Google Forms is worth seeing too. Thanks!

Use this Google Form link, if you can not access this embedded form.

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I am Dr. Mike Stone, Division Chief of Emergency Ultrasound at Brigham & Women’s: How I Work Smarter

Dr. Mike Stone (@BedsideSono) is well known in the medical education world especially in the field of bedside ultrasonography. In addition to being a professor for the Ultrasound Leadership Academy and Ultrasound Podcast team member, he also runs the Emergency Ultrasound Division at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital. Like Dr. Mike Mallin who tagged him from a previous How I Work Smarter post, many of us have been amazed at Mike’s ability to juggle so many roles and responsibilities at once. Here are some his secrets to success.


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I am Dr. Michael Bond, Residency Director and Book Editor: How I Work Smarter

Dr. Michael Bond (@DocBond007), who has probably one of the coolest Twitter handles, is a well-respected and well-established educator in the field of Emergency Medicine (EM). Because many of us are perplexed how he is able to publish a book on Orthopedic Emergencies [Amazon link] alongside co-editors Drs. Andrew Perron and Michael Abraham as well as serve as the EM residency director at the University of Maryland. So we were thrilled from Dr. Rob Rogers tagged Mike on a previous How I Work Smarter post. Mike was kind enough to send along his responses.


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