Paucis Verbis: Asthma classification

asthma classification MDI
Emergency physicians have the opportunity to educate patients and prescribe chronic inhaled corticosteroids to patients who should be on these medications chronically. Patients may be more receptive to education and advice given immediately after an asthma exacerbation, managed in the ED.  Using the National Institute of Health/ National Asthma Education and Prevention Program classification system, physicians can quickly determine if the patient is a candidate for inhaled corticosteroids and initiate therapy accordingly.


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Paucis Verbis: Pneumonia risk stratification tools

PneumoniaRULPneumonia is a common cause for ED visits. How do you decide on whether the patient can be managed as an outpatient or inpatient? To supplement your clinical judgment, many clinicians use the Pneumonia Severity Index (PSI) score.

Have you heard of CURB-65, supported by the British Thoracic Society? What about SMART-COP, which is meant to help you predict if your patient will need Intensive Respiratory or Vasopressor Support (IRVS)?


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Paucis Verbis card: ABG interpretation

ABG interpretationI have yet to find a better arterial blood gas interpretation review article than the 1991 Western Journal of Medicine summary by Dr. Rick Haber.

This installment of the Paucis Verbis (In a Few Words) e-card series reviews ABG Interpretation. The recent addition of an ABG machine in our ED has made a tremendous difference in our ability to care for undifferentiated patients. This is a refresher in making heads and tails of mixed acid-base disorders.


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