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MEdIC Series: The Case of the Post-Paternity Leave Blues

Welcome to season 5, episode 6 of the ALiEM Medical Education in Cases (MEdIC) series! Our team (Drs. Tamara McColl, Teresa Chan, John Eicken, Sarah Luckett-Gatopoulos, Eve Purdy, Alkarim Velji, and Brent Thoma) is pleased to welcome you to our online community of practice where we discuss the practice of academic medicine!

This month, we present a case of a young attending physician anxious to return to clinical work after taking a 6-month paternity leave. Check out the case and join the conversation in the comments section! We’d love to hear your thoughts on this important topic!


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3rd Annual Emergency Medicine Wellness Week | 2018 Highlights

We are set to wrap-up the 3rd Annual Emergency Medicine Wellness Week. The ALiEM Wellness Think Tank (WTT) collaborated with CanadiEM, ACEP, and the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) to encourage participation from EDs across North America and around the world. Many of you shared your individual and group successes, which have helped to build collective wellness across the specialty. We are proud to present some of the Wellness Week highlights, and remain hugely motivated to participate in this important movement! When you’re done reading, be sure to welcome today’s newly matched EM interns with the hashtag #WelcometoEM!

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Resilience in EM Despite Litigation: An Interview with Dr. Gita Pensa

You have just signed out from one of the best shifts in your career. You feel like you were born to do this! You’re a great EM doctor! Then, you spot him, a man in a dark suit making eye contact as you walk through the lobby towards the exit. He stops and asks, “Are you Dr. About-to-get Sued?” Being named in a malpractice lawsuit is a potentially devastating, frequently unmentioned, and yet rather common event in EM. Providers may find themselves feeling isolated and ashamed, questioning their career choice regardless of the trial outcome. Members of the ALiEM Wellness Think Tank recently spoke with Dr. Gita Pensa about how to find resilience in EM despite involvement in a lawsuit. We provide the full podcast and a summary below.


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3rd Annual Emergency Medicine Wellness Week | March 11-17, 2018

In 2016, Emergency Medicine led the national charge to promote physical, mental, and emotional health of physicians. The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) promoted the first EM Wellness Week, with the goal of reminding EPs and colleagues to take time to care for themselves. This initiative continues to expand and impact EPs across the country. Last year, The ALiEM Wellness Think Tank joined forces with CanadiEM, ACEP, and Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP). This year, we hope to raise the bar. The ALiEM Wellness Think Tank is inviting residents from ALL programs to participate in daily challenges related to wellness, and discuss it with colleagues in and outside EM.

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I am Dr. Elise Lovell, EM Program Director: How I Stay Healthy in EM

Dr. Elise Lovell is an EP and the EM Residency Program Director at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Chicago. She maintains her wellness by staying active, spending time with her supports, and loving her job. When she isn’t working clinically or leading her residency program, you can find her clearing her mind with a quick run. She’s onto something with her philosophy on work-life integration! Here’s how she stays healthy in EM!


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I am Dr. David Wald, Assistant Dean of Clinical Simulation: How I Stay Healthy in EM

Dr. David Wald is an EP and Professor of Emergency Medicine at Temple University. When he’s not in the Department, you can find him out on the water, getting in another paddle. His gold medal wins highlight his commitment, skill, and passion for Dragon Boat racing! Not only does he keep physically fit, but he has figured out how to maintain a sense of balance while juggling several roles in and outside the hospital. Here’s how he stays healthy in EM!

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I am Dr. Noah Kaufman, American Ninja Warrior: How I Stay Healthy in EM

Dr. Noah Kaufman is an emergency physician from Fort Collins, CO, who you may have spotted on a recent TV episode of American Ninja Warrior. We could not have thought of a better exemplar guest to share some insights on this Healthy in EM series. Spoiler alert: Staying active, living the adventure, and laughing as much as possible are a few key secrets on how Dr. Kaufman keeps well. Here is how he stays healthy in EM!

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