I am Damian Roland – Pediatric Emergency Physician & Blogger at Rolobot Rambles: How I Work Smarter

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In this new installment in the “How I Work Smarter” series, we really are going global. We first started in the United States, then Australia, and now the United Kingdom. Today we feature Dr. Damian Roland (@damian_roland), who blogs at The Rolobot Rambles. Damian was kind enough to provide his great tips, and it is with great pleasure that I share his responses to the questions in this series.   […]

Social Media in the EM Curriculum: Annals of EM Resident Perspective article

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This month marks our second ALiEM-Annals Resident’s Perspective discussion. Similar to the ALiEM-Annals Global EM Journal Club series and the first Resident’s Perspective piece on Multiple Mini Interviews, we will be discussing the most recent Annals of Emergency Medicine Resident’s Perspective piece on the Integration of Social Media in Emergency Medicine Residency Curriculum. We hope you will participate in an online discussion based on the paper summary and questions below from now through August 1, 2014. Respond by commenting below or tweeting using the hashtag #ALiEMRP. […]

I am Esther Choo – Researcher, Public Health Advocate, and Educator: How I Work Smarter

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In the first post for the “How I Work Smarter” series, I called out Dr. Esther Choo (@choo_ek), because she is able to juggle so many interests and responsibilities flawlessly. She’s the principal investigator for a study, funded by the National Institutes of Drug Abuse, looking at a national computer-based intervention for women with substance use and interpersonal violence in the ED; Academic Emergency Medicine’s first Senior Associate Editor for Social Media; and star presenter. Esther was kind enough to provide her best-practice tips for this ongoing series. […]

I am Victoria Brazil, Academic Lead for Clinical Skills and Simulation at Bond University: How I Work Smarter

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In the first post for the “How I Work Smarter” series, I called out one my favorite, accomplished clinician-educators Dr. Victoria Brazil, because she makes extreme-productivity look easy. Victoria was kind enough to provide her trade secrets, and it is with great pleasure that I share her responses to the questions in this series. […]

I am Michelle Lin, ALiEM Editor in Chief: How I Work Smarter

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In this inaugural post of the series “How I Work Smarter,” I wanted to share my thoughts and efforts towards working smarter and not always necessarily harder. I have been the Editor-in-Chief of ALIEM since 2009 where I first was only managing myself and now I working with an all-star team of very motivated and capable medical educators in EM. Three moving parts rapidly became thirty moving parts with thirty different deadlines. Here are my responses to the series questions. […]

New Series: How I Work Smarter

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We are all busy individuals trying to juggle various projects, a multitude of responsibilities, and balancing work and home life. “Work smarter, not harder” is often heard to remind us that we should be looking to improve our working styles to be more efficient. It is easier said than done. One place that I have drawn inspiration from is in LifeHacker’s “How I Work” series, which highlights the personal working habits of successful entrepreneurs and leaders. […]

Most Followed #FOAMed Twitter Users

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As the Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM; #FOAMed) movement has continued to flourish over the past few years, Twitter has become a vital method for disseminating/discussing educational and clinical content. We thought it would be interesting to see who is being ‘followed’ on Twitter in the FOAM world. Certainly, the metric of Twitter followers does not necessarily correlate with quality. And, it misses newcomers to the FOAM scene and those with a more focused area of expertise/interest. We are more interested in understanding the landscape such as who is involved, geographic locations, areas of expertise, and association with blogs/podcasts. […]

ALiEM Bookclub Review: David and Goliath

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What is the essence of the underdog?  Are they truly disadvantaged?  Or occasionally, are they disruptors that provides them with a brilliant new perspective on things?  Therein lies the question central to Malcolm Gladwell’s latest New York Times Bestseller. This is the key concept behind the latest book by Malcolm Gladwell’s book, David and Goliath [Amazon link], and the topic of this month’s ALiEM bookclub discussion. […]

Welcome new ALiEM-EMRA fellow Scott Kobner

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We are excited to announce our inaugural 2014-15 ALiEM-EMRA Fellow for Social Media and Digital Scholarship, Scott Kobner, who is a second-year medical student at New York University School of Medicine. Scott brings a unique perspective to ALiEM and the FOAM community. He has worn many hats in the past, which will serve him well towards being a more versatile and mature clinician. He has been an EMT and EMT trainer, a scribe, a child-life volunteer, and New York Free Clinic patient educator. His focus recently has been on improving patient education especially in the Emergency Department. […]

Welcome new ALiEM-CORD Fellow Dr. Sameed Shaikh

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It is with great pleasure that announce our inaugural 2014-15 ALiEM-CORD Fellow for Social Media and Digital Scholarship, Dr. Sameed Shaikh, from Sinai-Grace Emergency Medicine Residency Program/Detroit Medical Center. As a PGY-2, he already has an impressive multimedia skill set, including website design, video editing, photography, and electronic music composition. He is currently using his skills for good rather than evil at his residency program to match medical education and medicine in general with currently available technological solutions. […]