I am Dr. Reuben Strayer, Emergency Physician and Author of EMUpdates.com: How I Work Smarter

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After a long break, we are back with a heavy hitter: Dr. Reuben Strayer (@emupdates). He is the author of EMUpdates.com, a treasure trove of emergency medicine wisdom. Highlights include a set of genuinely useful checklists, many airway pearls, an approach to opioid misuse in the ED, and much much more. Dr. Strayer regularly speaks at national and international conferences with a focus on airway management, ketamine, and clinical quality. Beyond his contributions to medical education, Dr. Strayer is regarded by his peers as an exceptional clinician. It is this editor’s opinion that this stems in part from a truly thoughtful [+]

I am Dr. Mahmood Hasan, Emergency Medicine Resident: How I Stay Healthy in EM

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Dr. Mahmood Hasan is an individual who truly reflects the idea of “eat clean and train mean”. Now a second year resident from McGill University, Mahmood uses exercise and his social supports to help him destress from the demands of residency. Here he shares his tips for planning work outs and meals, while trying to juggle a busy schedule. Check out how he stays healthy in EM! [+]

PV Card: One Minute Preceptor – NERDS Mnemonic

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As we transition into the new academic year, rising senior residents and new attendings will face a difficult challenge: precepting a medical student or a new intern. Teaching in the Emergency Department is unique because it must be fast, efficient, and adaptable to the many different parts of our clinical practice. We are often trying to balance multiple patients in systems with numerous barriers, thus adding the responsibility of teaching can seem overwhelming. [+]

I am Dr. Erica Dance, Assistant Dean of Resident & Fellow Affairs at University of Alberta: How I Stay Healthy in EM

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This week, we have Dr. Erica Dance (@erdance), a wellness guru from the University of Alberta. Dr. Dance is a passionate individual, who loves discussing the topic of wellness. In her role as Assistant Dean she works in the Learner Advocacy and Wellness office to support the well-being of residents and fellows across her institution. Within the post, she shares her tips for how to make wellness part of your everyday routine. Check out how Dr. Dance stays healthy in EM!   [+]

ALiEMU School Doors Open – Featuring the CAPSULES Series

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Our virtual school doors are open starting today to ALiEM University (ALiEMU), which can best be thought of as our open-access, on-demand, online school of e-courses for anyone practicing Emergency Medicine worldwide. This ambitious venture was made possible by a tremendous team, but primarily led by Chris Gaafary, MD (@CGaafary), ALiEMU’s Chief of Design and Development and an EM chief resident in his free time at the University of Tennessee. Today we are incredibly excited to launch our inaugural longitudinal e-course the ALiEM Capsules Series: A Practical Pharmacology for the EM Practitioner, created and led by Bryan Hayes, PharmD, FAACT (@PharmERToxGuy). [+]

Announcing the 2015-2016 ALiEM Social Media and Digital Fellows!

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It is with great pleasure that announce our 2015-2016 ALiEM Fellows for Social Media and Digital Scholarship: Dr. Alissa Mussell from West Virginia University Emergency Medicine Residency Program and Dr. Matthew Klein from Northwestern University Emergency Medicine Residency Program. That’s right, we selected two applicants! The competition was very strong, but we felt that our growth at ALiEM has been so tremendous since we launched in 2009, and most especially in the last year that we could foster the mentoring and development of both of these stellar candidates. [+]

Introducing the New ALiEMU Capsules Series

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We are excited and proud to introduce a new series as part of the recently announced ALiEMU: Capsules: Practical Pharmacology for the EM Practitioner. The Capsules series’ primary focus is bringing Emergency Medicine pharmacology education to the bedside. Our expert team distills complex pharmacology principles into easy-to-apply concepts. It’s our version of what-you-need-to-know as an EM practitioner. We hope you enjoy it. [+]

  • The Agnew Clinic by Thomas Eakins, 1889

My ALiEM-EMRA Fellowship: From Finding the FOAM to Lathering the Soap

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One of my favorite images of medical education is the renowned Eakin’s painting, The Agnew Clinic. It depicts a gilded age operating theater filled with eager pupils looking on as Dr. Agnew prepares to preform a partial mastectomy. Despite being a cross-section of medical training from the late 1880s, any medical trainee today will experience an unspoken bond with those students dutifully taking notes in the tiers of Dr. Agnew’s operating theater. And there is a certain beauty to this lineage of physicians: all of us familiar with the same rite of passage into medicine but separated by a century’s worth [+]

  • Dr. Santa

My Year as the ALiEM-CORD Fellow in Social Media and Digital Scholarship

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Everyone has a slightly different relationship with technology. For me, it has always been a tool for creativity. Whether working on video, music, or photography – I have spent more hours in front of a computer than I care to admit. I always dreamed about somehow using my experience with media development in a productive way for the medical field, but judging by the doctors who I knew in high school/college (including my parents),  my impression was that physicians and the world of the internet would remain forever apart. [+]