TGIF: The "caffeine nap"

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A common problem that emergency physicians share and struggle over is the circadian “dysrhythmia” of working random morning, afternoon, and night shifts. Shift work is the blessing and curse of our profession. I have yet to figure out the best way to adjust back to the daytime world after night shifts. Do you have any tricks? [+]

TGIF: Collaborating creatively with great people

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What part of your job do you love the most?In academic emergency medicine, nothing energizes me more than brainstorming with creative, like-minded, and motivated people. From my experience, most of my past major projects have all started in similar informal, small-group settings.For instance, the CDEM organization was built when a small group of undergraduate medical educators went to dinner during a SAEM conference. We conspired to build something bigger and better. Two years later now, we now have over 100 members and are a new member of the major interdisciplinary organization Alliance for Clinical Education.1. This week, I got a [+]

A Lexicon for the Workplace

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We have many Research Associate volunteers who staff the SF General Emergency Department collecting research data. They are often ask "what did you mean when you said..." or "what does that mean on the patient census whiteboard". When I answer their questions, they often chuckle. This then made me realize that we routinely use terms and phrases that aren't part of the usual medical vocabulary and are unique to the SF General ED. HACito: For acutely agitated patients (often under the influence of one or more intoxicants), we commonly use Haldol, Ativan, and Cogentin in a single syringe to inject [+]

Three phases of educational technology in the classroom

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I recently encountered a thought-provoking video about how technology is transforming education in the classroom setting. We are slowly experiencing a culture shift in how learners are learning. It follows that this should affect how teachers should be teaching. Briefly, the author lays out the progression of educational technology in 3 phases. [+]

Faculty spotlight: Dr. David Wald

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David A. Wald, DOAssociate Professor of Emergency MedicineDirector of Undergraduate Medical EducationAssociate Course Director – Doctoring CourseTemple University School of Medicine (Philadelphia, PA) EM residency training: Albert Einstein   [+]

Faculty spotlight: Dr. John Brown

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Dr. John Brown is the well-known (infamous?) Medical Director of the San Francisco EMS Agency — not a small task or for the weak of heart. He also practices at SF General Hospital and manages to keep level-headed in the midst of chaos. I’m constantly impressed by his clinical and political saaviness. You would never know how big of name he is when you meet him. Totally humble and understated, especially given all that he’s done for the city and our specialty. [+]

Cool web tip: Getting a "reader" – bringing web content to you

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Do you feel like you are routinely checking various websites to follow up on recent journal publications, reading blogs, catching up on the news? What’s new in Annals of EM or Academic EM? What’s on today’s CNN or EducationPR blogs? I’m a firm believer that technology should make things streamlined and easier, rather than creating more steps and hassles. I recently discovered online RSS readers on the web. If you don’t have one, you should get one. [+]