Social media in academia: Why do it?

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“Why would I want to participate in Twitter and social media?” This is a common question that I get from my fellow emergency physicians. They think that social media applications are for people who have nothing better to do than to read/write about trivial personal opinions. [+]

Internet CME:

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Two weeks before renewing your license, you realize that you’re short 7 CME credits. Uh-oh…what to do now? Unfortunately, not enough time to go to a conference. Reading always gets boring after a while. Lie on your renewal application (NOT!)? If only there was a one-stop method of getting a variety of CME to keep you interested. [+]

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First annual Medical Apps Awards: Vote now

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  The polls for the first annual Medical Apps Awards is now open. Voting closes April 21, 2011 @ 12:00 AM EST. General instructions (you can win various prizes) Go directly to the polls There are 3 categories that you can vote on: 1. Best Medical App for Healthcare Professionals MediBabble - a medical translation tool Doximity - a professional networking tool Medscape - comprehensive guide to drugs, interactions, diseases, & procedures Epocrates - comprehensive guide to drugs, interactions, identifying pills, & calculators DrChrono - the first EMR for the ipad 2. Best Medical App for Patients iHealth BPM w/ [+]

What’s your perfect idea for a medical app?

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The American Medical Association (AMA) is harnassing the innovative power of the people in its “AMA App Challenge”. What do you think would be the perfect app for medical students, residents, and/or practicing physicians in their day-to-day life? This challenge is the perfect opportunity for all those with great app ideas but are too busy (or lazy) to do the technical, legal, and business groundwork to make the idea a reality. The down side is that once you submit the idea, AMA has full proprietary ownership of it. [+]

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Article Review: Role of instructional technologies in medical education

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A conference called "A 2020 Vision of Faculty Development Across the Medical Education Continuum" was held at Baylor College of Medicine in 2010. At this conference, experts convened to discuss the changing role of technologies in medical education. Their conclusions were summarized in this Academic Medicine article, which discusses 5 trends and 5 recommendations. Trends Explosion of new information: It has been postulated that the world's body of knowledge will double every 35 days by 2015. We are in an age of information explosion. Physicians will have to be able to process an ongoing onslaught of information throughout their career. Learning how [+]

Article Review: Professionalism of physicians on Twitter

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  In a Research Letter in JAMA, Dr. Chretien et al describe the profile of physicians in the Twitter universe, specifically focusing on professionalism.Inclusion criteria: Self identified physician At least 500 followers during May 1-31, 2010 (Whew, I only have 309 followers.) English tweets Posted a tweet within last 6 months [+]

Hot off the press: MediBabble app

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  Ever since my post about the top medical apps, I have been inundated with people asking me to review their apps. One has stood out. Medibabble is a real-time medical translation app and is now available for FREE. It was created by two innovative UCSF medical school graduates, Dr. Alex Blau and Dr. Brad Cohn. This app contains an extensive preset list of history questions and physical exam commands. When you click on a sentence, the app will translate and speak the sentence in one of 5 languages (Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, and Haitian Creole). [+]

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The Superbowl of Blogs: Vote us for "Best Clinical Sciences Blog"

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  Medgadget annually hosts a contest for the best medical blogs. It’s the Superbowl of blogs. Our blog was nominated for the Best New Medical Blog last year, but got our butt kicked. This year, we’re honored to be a finalist in the Best Clinical Sciences Blog category. That’s the great news. Unlucky for us, we are in the same category as the juggernauts EMCrit (also nominated in the overall Best Medical Blog category) and Resus.M.E. I do love the fact that the EM specialty is dominating with 3 finalists in this list of 5.   [+]