Article Review: Professionalism of physicians on Twitter

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  In a Research Letter in JAMA, Dr. Chretien et al describe the profile of physicians in the Twitter universe, specifically focusing on professionalism.Inclusion criteria: Self identified physician At least 500 followers during May 1-31, 2010 (Whew, I only have 309 followers.) English tweets Posted a tweet within last 6 months [+]

Hot off the press: MediBabble app

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  Ever since my post about the top medical apps, I have been inundated with people asking me to review their apps. One has stood out. Medibabble is a real-time medical translation app and is now available for FREE. It was created by two innovative UCSF medical school graduates, Dr. Alex Blau and Dr. Brad Cohn. This app contains an extensive preset list of history questions and physical exam commands. When you click on a sentence, the app will translate and speak the sentence in one of 5 languages (Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, and Haitian Creole). [+]

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The Superbowl of Blogs: Vote us for "Best Clinical Sciences Blog"

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  Medgadget annually hosts a contest for the best medical blogs. It’s the Superbowl of blogs. Our blog was nominated for the Best New Medical Blog last year, but got our butt kicked. This year, we’re honored to be a finalist in the Best Clinical Sciences Blog category. That’s the great news. Unlucky for us, we are in the same category as the juggernauts EMCrit (also nominated in the overall Best Medical Blog category) and Resus.M.E. I do love the fact that the EM specialty is dominating with 3 finalists in this list of 5.   [+]

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Need your help! Favorite medical apps

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  So, I volunteered to give a talk for the UCSF Office of Graduate Medical Education WAAAAY back in early 2010 on “There’s an App for That:  Key Smart Phone Applications for Surviving Residency”. Somehow the lecture date has snuck up on me and it’s next Tuesday! I thought it was a small gathering, but it turns out it’s not. Plus, I keep getting school-wide emails reminding all the residents and fellows to attending! [+]

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What’s on my mind: EBM Resource

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Keeping up with the EM literature is difficult, particularly when we’re also trying to stay ahead of the curve in our own subspecialties (Healthcare Simulation and Medical Education in my case). Last week I was listening to Scott Weingart’s EMCRIT Podcast and at the very end of the show he mentioned a new EBM resource: TheNNT. [+]

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New guest blogger: Dr. Stella Yiu!

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  Welcome to our new superstar, educator-extraordinaire, guest blogger, Dr. Stella Yiu. Today's post is her first (of hopefully many). After graduating residency from the University of Ottawa, Stella has been working as a staff physician at University Health Network in Toronto. She is involved in curriculum design in undergraduate emergency medicine clerkship at the University of Toronto. Welcome, Stella!

New guest blogger: Fred Wu!

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Welcome to our new superstar guest blogger, Fred Wu. Today’s post is his first (of hopefully many). Fred is the Lead PA in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Kaweah Delta Medical Center in Visalia, CA. After graduating in 2004, he has been practicing community emergency medicine in Central California. His interests include prehospital care and wilderness medicine, with an education emphasis in both. He also coordinates PA/NP training in the department as well as an EM lecture series, which hosts guest speakers from across the country. [+]