Fracture or a normal ossification center?

This is a common question heard when viewing an xray of a pediatric elbow. How do you remember the timing of normal ossification centers? FYI, the xray images above are normal and have no fractures.

Trick of the Trade

The mnemonic CRITOE 1-3-5-7-9-11

  • Age 1 year: Capitellum
  • Age 3 years: Radial head
  • Age 5 years: Internal (medial) epicondyle
  • Age 7 years: Trochlea
  • Age 9 years: Olecranon
  • Age 11 years: External (lateral) epicondyle

This great video is from a relatively new YouTube channel that I stumbled upon called “Radiology Channel“, which is a project featuring short polished presentations by Dr Andrew Dixon, Dr Frank Gaillard and Dr Jeremy Jones.

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