EM-RAP Educator’s Podcast: How to get promoted in academic EM



Dr. Amal Mattu gives a great 47-minute lecture on “How to Get Promoted in Academic Emergency Medicine”. Catch the podcast from the talk in July’s EM-RAP Educator’s Edition. He pulls many of the lessons from his son’s kindergarten teacher.

Getting promoted in academic EM can often be a challenge and a mysterious process. Why is it some are getting promoted faster than others? What can I do to make sure I’m on track for promotion?


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Advice for the new EM interns, part II

As a followup to a previous post on “The 10 Commandments in Emergency Medicine”, we would like to pay tribute to our pediatric friends. More than a decade after it was initially published, Timothy Givens (also from Vanderbilt but the pediatric side) published “The 10 commandments of pediatric Emergency Medicine”. Although the original commandments still hold true, the pediatric commandments augment them nicely and are geared towards our littler patients.


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Faculty hero: Dr. Jim Adams (part 1)


There are many leaders in Emergency Medicine but there are few who are true visionaries. Dr. Jim Adams (Chair at Northwestern’s Department of EM) is one such visionary. He’s given numerous lectures, providing sage advice to faculty, residents, and students. I’ve always thought it a shame these aren’t more available to people. So I contacted Jim to learn more about him, his career path, and advice for young emergency physicians. 


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Article Review: Performing a database search

At the end of each Academic Medicine journal issue, there is a great “last page” one-page teaching point in medical education research. There’s no earth-shattering news, but they are great reviews of key elements in education research.

The most recent issue reviews the process of performing an effective database search in medical education research. It was authored by my friend Lauren, who is a medical education librarian at Stanford and a co-author with me on an annual series “Critical Appraisal in Emergency Medicine Education Research”.


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Inspirational graduation speech by Conan

“Your perceived failure can become a catalyst for profound reinvention.”

“No specific job or career goal defines me, and it should not define you.”

— Conan O’Brien

I found this inspirational 2011 graduation speech by Conan O’Brien at Dartmouth College. It is a great mix of silly, witty, inspirational, and profound. Check it out. For those in Medicine and medical training, your dreams may change over time… and that’s ok.


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SAEM 2012 Consensus Conference: Education Research in EM


It has just been announced that the upcoming 2012 SAEM annual meeting will feature a full-day Consensus Conference on Education Research in Emergency Medicine. In the past, Consensus Conferences have focused on such areas as “Interventions to Assure Quality in the Crowded Emergency Department” and “The Science of Simulation in Healthcare: Defining and Developing Clinical Expertise”.

There’s introductory information on the SAEM Facebook page. The format is a bit cluttered, so I am reposting here below: 

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