Simulation: A tool for non-clinicians

Medical Student SimulationThought simulation is only for doctors and nurses? Think again! More and more, people are reconsidering the notion that medical simulation has only application in the clinical setting. By rethinking the narrow mind set, educators are learning that simulation can be used almost anywhere for anyone! Even to teach sexual health to teenagers!


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Pitfalls in Comparative Simulation Based Research

SimExpertPeerReviewStamp2x200Simulation based research is tough. We all know that it’s fun, and we think it is safer for the patients. Beyond that, the data is not so strong! And it’s important to care about this. Why? Because those working in the educational fields are fighting for budgets against other strong modalities for education such as ultrasound. Additionally, we are fighting for valuable time and space with the learners, such as medical students and residents. Improving simulation research can give credibility to those educators who seek more money, time, and focus for their learners. But how to improve it?


Sim Case Series: Procedural Sedation

PSA PictureCase Writer:  Brent Thoma, MD MA
Case Editors: Teresa Chan, MD and Nikita Joshi, MD

This procedural sedation simulation case can be used to teach, evaluate or reinforce the skills needed to safely perform procedural sedation. It presents a new format for the ALiEM Sim Case Series: Teresa Chan (@TChanMD) has worked magic to amalgamate all of the materials into a cohesive, organized, easy to follow format that also happens to be pretty. The freely downloadable PDF below includes:


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Simulation Trick of the Trade: Paper Mache

MoneyTreeMoney doesn’t grow on trees, and neither do simulation manikins, not even on simulated trees. So what to do when you are looking for a cheaper, more easily replicated solution to simulation dilemmas? This is the perfect time to fall back on skills developed in childhood during Arts & Crafts hour. Consider paper mache!  So easy to use, and guaranteed to bring back childhood memories!


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Simulation Trick of the Trade: Blindfold the Leader

67f84c2b0bdcd2f857a9a230de27924593f1d40aSimulations are routine now in medical training. But sometimes routine can start to get boring! All learners now know, especially for high fidelity simulations, to prepare for the unexpected. The stable patient will inevitably crash, maybe when your back is turned; the confederate in the room may or may not be a friend or a foe, you may never know! But these twists have become so integral to the simulation case that most learners know how to deal with it, or at the least know to anticipate it. But here is an idea for adding a new challenge to a stale simulation case. Blindfold the leader!