Conference Tweeting: Do not start tweet with @ symbol

Twitter-HashtagsIn the last two years, live tweeting from medical and education conferences has become mainstream. What better way to stay up-to-date with what is being taught around the globe! Pioneers like Dr. David Marcus (@EMIMDoc) even archive all of the conferences with hashtags, Twitter handles, and topic focus on his EM IM Doc blog.


Creating an EM website dedicated to images: Things to consider

2014_03The folks at SUNY Downstate Emergency Medicine program have been hard at work contributing to the field of #FOAMed over the last few years ( Dr. Mark Silverberg, the program’s Associate Residency Director, has also been busy with an EKG website featuring 100 interpreted EKGs. And now he’s busy at it again, introducing the newest contribution to EM – an online visual atlas: While the website is still in development, I wanted to discuss further with Dr. Silverberg the nuances of obtaining images and creating an EM website with it.


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EM Clinical Decision Rules iBook

As educational content, which was traditionally published in the form of textbooks, get repurposed into blog posts, podcasts, and videos, iBooks have been a bit slower to take hold. They can replace print textbooks, if done from a thoughtful design-based approach such as by Drs. Matthew Dawson and Mike Mallin in their Introduction to EM Ultrasound (volume 1 and 2) iBooks. Here’s another iBook entitled “EM Clinical Decision Rules” involving pulmonary embolism (PE) and minor head trauma by Drs. Shannon McNamara, Christine Knettel, and David Wald.


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Highland Emergency Ultrasound website: Check it out

emergency ultrasound 1Need a quick refresher course on how to do an ultrasound-guided ear block or ankle arthrocentesis? I recently found out about Drs. Andrew Herring and Arun Nagdev’s Highland Emergency Ultrasound website and thought it was a great resource to share with others in the EM world. The website has easy-to-follow pictorial instructions of anatomic landmarks, probe placement, and ultrasound images of the most common blocks and other procedures.


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Vote which Annals of EM articles to be open-access in May

OpenAccessWith the overwhelming poll response on helping Annals of Emergency Medicine choose their two open-access articles for April 2014, this will now be an ongoing monthly event! Take a look at the article abstracts accepted for publication in May’s issue. Vote on your top two choices over the next 2 days, and they’ll be made open after the May issue of Annals of Emergency Medicine goes online.


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Vote which Annals of EM articles to be open-access in April


For many years, Annals of Emergency Medicine has selected two articles every month to make open access to non-subscribers, based on their perceived interest and/or importance. Problem is, we make those choices blind to what our readers really want. You can help us improve this selection if you would review the list of articles that will be in the April 2014 issue, and vote for any articles you’d like to see free full-text. Please vote on your top two choices over the next 2 days and we’ll make them full text open access shortly thereafter. The in-press titles and abstracts are listed below. Thank you for your support!


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