• Ramadan

Caring for the Fasting Patient in the ED

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Millions of Muslims around the world observe the holy month of Ramadan. Some may have mild or chronic medical conditions that can become exacerbated, requiring emergent medical attention. Emergency Physicians ought to have a working knowledge about the religious rules of Ramadan and their medical implications. In this article, we will provide an overview of the significance of Ramadan to Muslims, its practices, and discuss the important considerations for emergency physicians when providing care to Muslim patients in the Emergency Department (ED). Lastly, we will explore ways to mitigate the ethical dilemma when a fasting patient refuses a life-saving treatment [+]

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The Leader’s Library: Keep Going | Sign up to join the book club discussion

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As we submit our responses to the daily health screen for the thousandth time; realize, after having removed a mountain of PPE and sanitized our hands, that we left our phone in the patient’s room and would need to re-don everything; repeatedly observe the inevitable struggle with mute/unmute on Zoom; with all of these regular tasks and activities enveloping our lives these days, it’s hard to feel creative. Is the practice of emergency medicine a creative endeavor? How can we increase not just our creative or scholarly output, but also our internal sense of artistry and creation? Podcast Preview of [+]

Reading from the Silver Linings Playbook: The ALiEM Connect Project

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It feels like yesterday that we were sheltered-in-place, staring at our computers, wondering, “So now what?”  As COVID-19 paused all in-person educational sessions, the early morning residency conference we used to begrudgingly join quickly became something that we profoundly missed. While we can now be “present” while wearing sweatpants and a button-down shirt, we miss the human connection. Many of us would gladly even suffer through traffic just to be a part of this morning conference tradition. As educators and innovators, we know what a disruptive force the COVID-19 pandemic has been to the medical community. It has strained our [+]

How I Work Smarter: Sara Dimeo, MD

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One word that best describes how you work? Collaboratively Current mobile device iPhone 11 Pro Computer MacBook Pro What is something you are working on now? The Impact of Digital Badges on Motivation in Asynchronous Learning How did you come up with this Idea/Project? When COVID hit, we had to think creatively on how to engage learners in an online format. Having done a fellowship in Multimedia, Design, Education Technology I was really excited to experiment with different techniques. My main goal is always to create a sense of engagement, even when there is limited ability to do so in [+]

Bridge to EM Curriculum: Test your learning at ALiEMU

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Do you know of a senior Emergency Medicine (EM) medical student about to start internship? We are thrilled to announce that our 8-week, self-paced Bridge to EM learning curriculum has been upgraded with free assessment quizzes, badges, and certificates on ALiEMU. This curriculum, created by Drs. Timothy Wetzel and Christina Shenvi as we all shifted learning to online modalities, has garnered over 100,000 views in less than 10 months and was featured by the Association of American Medical Colleges. This bundled learning experience was created in partnership with our sponsor, Emergency Medicine Residents' Association (EMRA). Go to the ALiEMU Bridge [+]

How I Work Smarter: Christopher Colbert, DO FACEP, FACOEP, FAAEM

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One word that best describes how you work? Practical Current mobile device iPhone 12 Computer iMac Pro / Mac book Pro What is something you are working on now? Organizing/Planning the ACOEP’s annual Spring Seminar How did you come up with this Idea/Project? I have been part of the planning committee for the spring conference for 5 years. What’s your office workspace setup like? A well-lit room with decent speakers (huge music fan), 2 Macs side-by-side, and most importantly, a very comfy chair. What’s your best time-saving tip in the office or home? Keep your work in your office so [+]

How I Work Smarter: Molly Estes, MD, FACEP, FAAEM

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One word that best describes how you work? Efficiently Current mobile device iPhone 11 Pro Computer MacBook Air What is something you are working on now? This survey :) In seriousness, trying to complete a survey-based study on the effects of virtual rotations on the 2020-21 EM application cycle. How did you come up with this Idea/Project? This idea was generated by a subcommittee I am a part of through the Advising Students Committee in EM (ASCEM) through CORD. After brainstorming about the effects that the required conversion to virtual rotations might have had on this year's students applying into [+]

How I Work Smarter: Rodney Fullmer, DO, MBS

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One word that best describes how you work? Passionately Current mobile device Samsung Galaxy 9 (sorry not an apple/mac guy) Computer PC- Dell XPS What is something you are working on now? I am working on two very cool education projects right now within our ED. I am creating a new curriculum for our senior ED residents at Swedish called MastER's Class. The curriculum aims to prepare senior ED residents for life post-residency; looking at everything from contracts, litigation, finances, wellness, the business side of EM, job opportunities outside of the ED, and many more. Resident T-ED talks. Swedish ED [+]

SAEM Clinical Image Series: What’s This Thing on My Face?

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A 91-year-old female patient presented with her family after concern for multiple new lesions on her face and hands. The patient thinks the lesions grew over the course of a few months. There is no pain at the sites, no erythema, and no pruritis. She has caught the lesions on clothing and bedding, which has irritated the lesions on occasion, and the family is concerned/embarrassed by the growths on her face, which are harder to conceal than those on her hand. [+]

SAEM Clinical Image Series: Finger Pain

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The patient is a 24-year-old female who presents to the emergency department for left middle finger pain and swelling. She is right hand dominant and works in a kitchen. The patient states that ten days ago she avulsed the distal tip of the left middle finger, including the majority of the nail. At that time, the patient was evaluated at an outside hospital where the wound was cauterized with silver nitrate due to soft tissue bleeding. Since then, the patient states that she has had swelling over the dorsal distal phalanx. [+]