Teaching in the age of COVID-19: Teaching with tech while socially distancing

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With the arrival of SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) in North America, programs are facing the need to reconsider how they deliver didactic education to their learners. The ACGME only allows for 20% of the curriculum to be delivered in an asynchronous fashion. The remainder is delivered through traditional didactic means, including “small-group sessions, such as break-out groups, serially repeated conference sessions, practicum sessions, or large-group planned educational activities.” With mandatory social distancing likely to become standard practice, we present multiple solutions to bridge the gap between live, in-person conferences and asynchronous materials. [+]

ALiEM Connect: EM residencies unite in a mega virtual conference

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Weekly emergency medicine (EM) residency conferences are not exempt from the #CancelEverything movement as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Residency program leaders are in uncharted water, quickly pivoting to find alternative solutions to live, in-person conference sessions. We at ALiEM emphathize with these hardships and want to help. We announce ALiEM Connect, a live educational telecast with a concurrent moderated backchannel discussion on HIPAA-compliant Slack. We want to help. [+]

Announcing ALIEM Remote

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We are proud to announce the ALiEM Remote series. 2020 has presented a challenging set of circumstances with an ongoing COVID pandemic, uncertainty in the workplace, and multiple educational closures at every level. With our remote series, we aim to help ameliorate these challenges by providing you with great tips and tricks for remote work, remote education, and a list of speakers ready and willing to go virtual for your next department meeting or residency conference. We want to provide everyone in emergency medicine a centralized place to find resources on how to work, learn, educate, and live remotely. [+]

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SplintER Series: Delayed pain in an injured knee

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Image 1. Case courtesy of Radswiki, Radiopaedia.org A 26 year-old male presents with new medial right knee pain after twisting his knee playing soccer 3 weeks ago. His initial pain has since resolved. What is your diagnosis? What examination findings should you expect? What associated diagnoses should you assess for? What is your management in the emergency department? [+]

Future of ALiEM: Need YOUR Input

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With the arrival of a new decade, the ALiEM team has gotten quite reflective. Our last readership survey was in 2015 and it’s time for another check-in. We can track many things through Google Analytics, but there’s nothing like hearing from you directly to help us shape the upcoming year, 5 years, and 10 years. Your input is incredibly helpful to help us. We want to tailor our priorities to what YOU want. We are a volunteer organization, made up of passionate, early-adopting educators. Help us stay focused on what makes ALiEM special, helpful, and meaningful to you. [+]

EM Fellowship Match Advice: Medical Education Fellowship

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One of the more popular fellowships in Emergency Medicine (EM) is the Medical Education Fellowship. These fellowships come in 1- and 2-year formats and some also come with an advanced degree. What do typical medical education and medical education scholarship fellowships typically entail? What are the logistics and timing when you decide to apply? Hosted by Dr. Michael Gisondi (Stanford) and Dr. Michelle Lin (UCSF), this podcast with 3 esteemed fellowship directors help provide some much-needed guidance. Podcast Panelists Dr. Danielle E. Hart (Hennepin County Medical Center) Dr. Dmitri Papanagnou (Thomas Jefferson University) Dr. Jeffrey Riddell (LAC-USC Medical Center) Listen [+]

IDEA series: REDman simulation for teaching resuscitation skills in low-resource settings

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In many parts of the world, emergency medicine is just beginning to emerge as a specialty. In Pakistan, for example, it was introduced as recently as 2012. Hands-on training in the management of critically-ill medical and trauma patients is imperative for adequate preparation of board-certified emergency physicians, but accurate simulation can be hard to come by in developing nations. There are very few training programs and dedicated centers for healthcare professionals, and even fewer that have simulation [1]. High-tech simulation equipment is often cost-prohibitive; a mobile, low-tech simulation lab could potentially address the need for advanced training in resuscitation for [+]

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Navigating Life After Residency: 10 Lessons I Learned in EMS Fellowship

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The transition from residency to your first job or fellowship is an exciting time in any career. New opportunities for professional growth appear, but with them come a new and unique set of challenges. Transitioning from a structured clinical environment to more independent work and self-driven projects can be a difficult transition. For this reason, we wanted to share a few lessons we’ve learned. Although this advice is derived from our experience in EMS fellowship, we expect that it will apply and be helpful to other upcoming fellows and all people stepping away from residency to enter the workforce. [+]

Book Club: Forget a Mentor, Find a Sponsor

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One of the most common themes in advice for career advancement is “find a mentor.” But we are rarely told HOW to find a mentor, WHY we need mentors, or WHAT ROLE mentors are supposed to play in our careers. In addition to the lack of direction regarding mentorship, when you start to research “what is mentorship,” it becomes clear that there are several limitations to the benefits of this popularized mentor-mentee relationship. To see results, the key may be more than mentorship and the answer is likely sponsorship. [+]

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Should the Trainee be Trusted? A User’s Guide to Assessment with EPAs

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You are an attending working with a fourth-year medical student on their emergency medicine clerkship. The student sees a patient with the chief complaint of dizziness. After an initial assessment, the student says that there are no red flags in the history and the patient has a normal neurological exam. In the back of your mind you are thinking, “Does this student know the risk factors, comorbidities, and red flags? Was a thorough neurological exam performed?” How do you know the trainee should be trusted? [+]