Diagnose on Sight: Lower extremity numbness and pain

GSW leg XRCase: An 18 year old male presents after a single gunshot wound to his left calf. He complains of pressure-like pain near the wound and sensory numbness below his left knee. On examination, the left leg is tense. He has no dorsalis pedis pulse. Based on the history, exam, and findings in the image, which of the following is true regarding this diagnosis?


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Diagnose on Sight: “I feel like I am having a heart attack”

Pneumothorax-Deep-SulcusCase: A 18-year-old male with no medical history presents to the emergency department (ED) complaining of “feeling like I am having a heart attack” which started suddenly 1 hour ago. The patient ate from a food truck the night before and developed several episodes of forceful vomiting prior to arrival in the ED. What finding in this supine chest radiograph aids in the diagnosis? Click on image for a larger view.


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