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Inspired by the Harvard Business Review Cases and led by Dr. Teresa Chan (@TChanMD) and Dr. Brent Thoma (@Brent_Thoma), the MEdIC Series puts difficult medical education cases under a microscope. On the fourth Friday of the month we will pose a challenging hypothetical dilemma, moderate a discussion on potential approaches, and recruit medical education experts to provide “Gold Standard” responses. Cases and responses will be made available for download in pdf format – feel free to use them!

Our Purpose

The purpose of the MEdIC series is to create resources that allow you to engage in ‘guerrilla’ faculty development – enticing and engaging individuals who might not have time to attend faculty development workshops to think about challenging cases in medical education. We hope to support our readership’s development by creating Expert Peer Reviewed content featuring prominent thinkers in emergency medicine (and beyond) on key topics.

Want to Submit a Case?

If you’re a medical educator with a pedagogical problem, we want to get you a MEdiC. Send us your most difficult dilemmas (contact us) and help the rest of us to bring our teaching game to the next level.

Click here for the Case Author Guidelines.

Season Five Cases (2017-2018)

Case 5.1:  The Case of the Discriminatory Patient      Case Post     Wrap Up Post    PDF Link
Case 5.2:  The Case of the Difficult Debrief      Case Post     Wrap Up Post    PDF Link
Case 5.3:  The Case of the M&M Shame Game      Case Post     Wrap Up Post    PDF Link
Case 5.4:  The Case of the Technology-Challenged Academic      Case Post     Wrap Up Post    PDF Link
Case 5.5:  The Case of the Night Shift Stimulants     Case Post     Wrap Up Post    PDF Link
Case 5.6:  The Case of the Post-Paternity Leave Blues      Case Post     Wrap Up Post    PDF Link
Case 5.7:  The Case of the Orphaned Patient      Case Post     Wrap Up Post    PDF Link
Case 5.8:  The Case of the Case of the Overwhelmed Senior       Case Post     Wrap Up Post    PDF Link
Case 5.9:  The Case of the Medication Mishap      Case Post    Wrap Up Post    PDF Link

Season Four Cases (2016-2017)

Case 4.1:  The Case of the Cognitive Overload        Case Post     Wrap Up Post    PDF Link
Case 4.2:  The Case of the Overly Attentive Attending      Case Post     Wrap Up Post    PDF Link
Case 4.3:  The Case of the Fatiguing Fourth Year        Case Post     Wrap Up Post      PDF Link
Case 4.4:  The Case of the Resident At Risk    Case Post     Wrap Up Post      PDF Link
Case 4.5:  The Case of Shifting Expectations    Case Post     Wrap Up Post      PDF Link
Case 4.6: The Case of the Lazy Learners     Case Post     Wrap Up Post      PDF Link
Case 4.7: The Case of the Solo Senior    Case Post     Wrap Up Post      PDF Link
Case 4.8: The Case of the Failure to Fail    Case Post     Wrap Up Post      PDF Link
Case 4.9: The Case of the Competency Conundrum    Case Post     Wrap Up Post      PDF Link

Season Three Cases (2015-2016)

CaseOriginal PostWrap Up PostPDF link
Case 3.1: The Case of the FOAM promotionLinkLinkPDF
Case 3.2: The Case of the Patient with a No Learner PolicyLinkLinkPDF
Case 3.3: The Case of the Cackling Consulting ResidentLinkLinkPDF
Case 3.4: The Case of the Awkward AssessorsLinkLinkPDF
Case 3.5: The Case of the Catastrophic ClassroomLinkLinkPDF
Case 3.6: The Case of the Pimping PhysicianLinkLinkPDF
Case 3.7 : The Case of the Fibbing First YearLinkLinkPDF
Case 3.8 : The Case of the Terrible CodeLinkLinkPDF
Case 3.9: The Case of the Honorary AuthorshipLinkLinkPDF

Season Two Cases (2014-2015)

CaseOriginal PostWrap Up PostPDF link
Case 2.: The Case of the Backroom BlunderLinkLinkPDF
Case 2.: The Case of the Debriefing DebacleLinkLinkPDF
Case 2.: The Case of the Ebola Outbreak EthicsLinkLinkPDF
Case 2.: The Case of the Late LetterLinkLinkPDF
Case 2.: The Case of Breaking Bad News BadlyLinkLinkPDF
Case 2.6: The Case of the Returning TravellerLinkLinkPDF
Case 2.7: The Case of the Financial FiascoLinkLinkPDF
Case 2.8: The Case of the FOAM Faux PasLinkLinkPDF
Case 2.9: The Case of the Flirtatious PatientLinkLinkPDF
Case 2.1: The Case of the Unseasoned SeniorLinkLinkPDF

Season One Cases (2013-2014)

CaseOriginal PostWrap Up PostPDF link
Case 1.1: The Case of the Difficult ConsultLinkLinkPDF
Case 1.2: The Case of the Facebook FaceplantLinkLinkPDF
Case 1.3: The Case of the Woman in WhiteLinkLinkPDF
Case 1.4: The Case of the New Job NegotiationsLinkLinkPDF
Case 1.5: The Case of the Magnificent MentorLinkLinkPDF
Case 1.6: The Case of the Terrible TeammateLinkLinkPDF
Case 1.7: The Case of the Culture ClashLinkLinkPDF
Case 1.8: The Case of the Not-so-Humorous HumerusLinkLinkPDF
Case 1.9: The Case of the Unexpected OutcomeLinkLinkPDF
Case 1.10: The Case of the Exasperated EducatorLinkLinkPDF
Case 1.11: The Case of the Justified JuniorLinkLinkPDF
Case 1.12: The Case of the Absentee AudienceLinkLinkPDF

Free e-Books: MEdIC Compilations for Seasons 1-4

Check out the free books available for this and more for the ALiEM MEdIC series in the ALiEM Library.


MEdIC Cover

MEdIC News

March 18, 2015 – We are excited to announce that the first ALiEM medical education paper on the ALiEM MEdIC series is now out! Congratulations to Drs. Teresa Chan, Brent Thoma, and Michelle Lin of the MedEdLIFE Research Collaborative for engaging in this form of educational scholarship. Archiving #FOAMed within traditional scholarly avenues such as the prominent journal Academic Medicine is an important step in helping the FOAM community gain academic recognition, and we are happy that some of our ALiEM team have stepped up to help with this.

Chan TM, Thoma B, Lin M. Creating, Curating, and Sharing Online Faculty Development Resources. Academic Medicine. 2015;90(6):785-789. doi: 10.1097/acm.0000000000000692


We are very proud to announce that the ALiEM MEdIC series was selected as a “Top Five What Works” abstract and will be presented from the podium at the International Conference on Residency Education in 2014. Dr. Teresa Chan will represent the ALiEM Team.

On October 25, 2014, Dr. Chan presented the first ALiEM Press production the ALiEM MEdIC E-Book.

Meet Our Team

Series Editors

Tamara McColl, MD FRCPC

Tamara McColl, MD FRCPC

Associate Editor, ALiEM MEdIC Series
Emergency Physician, St. Boniface Hospital, WRHA
Academic Lead, Educational Scholarship
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Manitoba
Teresa Chan, MD, MHPE
ALiEM Associate Editor
Emergency Physician, Hamilton
Associate Professor, McMaster University
Assistant Dean, Program for Faculty Development, McMaster University Ontario, Canada
Teresa Chan, MD, MHPE


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Assistant Editors

S. Luckett-Gatopoulos, MD MSc

S. Luckett-Gatopoulos, MD MSc

Emergency Medicine resident
McMaster University
Junior Resident Editor,
S. Luckett-Gatopoulos, MD MSc


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