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SplintER Series: One Big Bounce

  A 5-year-old boy presents with right leg pain and a limp. His parents report it started after he was bouncing on the trampoline with his older sibling but they did not notice any specific trauma. He has tenderness over his proximal shin with no obvious injury. You suspect a fracture and obtain x-rays of the right knee (Figure 1). Figure 1. AP and Lateral x-rays of the right [+]

Find it hard to keep current with all the new clinical updates? Get caught up on key evidence-based guidelines, clinical pearls, and patient-centered recommendations for your patients in Emergency Medicine.

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SplintER Series: Attack by Bat

30-year-old male presents to the ED with pain over the right shoulder after being assaulted by a bat. The right arm is held in adduction and has a limited range of motion due to pain. An x-ray of the right shoulder was obtained and is shown above (Figure 1. Case courtesy of Dr. Ian Bickle,, rID: 74640).   [+]

May 7, 202105, 2021

ALiEM AIR Series | HEENT 2021 Module

Welcome to the AIR HEENT Module! After carefully reviewing all relevant posts from the top 50 sites of the Social Media Index, the ALiEM AIR Team is proud to present the highest quality [+]

Everything you need to survive and thrive in academia, focusing on professional development across the spectrum of life-long learners including medical students, residents, and faculty

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GroundED in EM: A new ALiEMU course series for third-year medical students

During the pandemic, similar to how a work-from-home mentality has become more accepted, a learn-on-own mentality has arisen for medical students. The success of the 9-part Bridge to Emergency Medicine (EM) self-guided curriculum for senior medical students interested in EM has confirmed this. This was evidenced by over 130,000 page views about the Bridge curriculum since March 2020 and 609 awarded ALiEMU certificates since April 2021 (launched only 2 months ago!). GroundED in EM: A [+]

Being a well-rounded healthcare professional goes beyond just knowing the scientific facts. Get inspired about your wellness, staying healthy, improving your efficiency, and finding a balanced work-life integration.

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The Leader’s Library: Keep Going | Sign up to join the book club discussion

As we submit our responses to the daily health screen for the thousandth time; realize, after having removed a mountain of PPE and sanitized our hands, that we left our phone in the patient’s room and would need to re-don everything; repeatedly observe the inevitable struggle with mute/unmute on Zoom; with all of these regular tasks and activities enveloping our lives these days, it’s hard to feel creative. Is the practice of emergency medicine a [+]

Sep 18, 202009, 2020

How I Work Smarter: Meenal Sharkey, MD

One word that best describes how you work? Thoroughly Current mobile device iPhone 11 -- my whole life runs because of this phone! Computer MacBook Pro -- thank goodness for the iCloud that [+]

Aug 21, 202008, 2020

How I Stay Healthy in EM: Christian Rose

We would be remiss to not acknowledge the unique challenges we as emergency providers have faced over the last few months. Prevention of burnout and active wellness management is more important now than [+]