Sim Case Series: Incorporating ABEM Milestones

In this week’s simulation case, you will notice the addition of a table which is a description of ABEM Milestone #9 – General approach to Procedures (PC9). I created this table after attending a workshop from Dr. Danielle Hart (Assistant Residency Director and Director of Simulation at Hennepin County Medical Center). During the 2013 CORD assembly in Denver, Dr. Hart held a session in which she described a novel method by which to incorporate the ABEM milestones into simulation cases. This would accomplish two things:

  1. Provide an evaluation tool for the learners
  2. Easily incorporate milestones to evaluate residents


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10 Tips to Success as a Junior Faculty in Academic Medicine

As I am getting into my 3rd year of practice as a faculty in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine, I have begun to wish I had a better framework for success in academic medicine. Currently, almost on a daily basis, I have to answer about 100 emails, decide if I want to be on different committees, develop curricula, give lectures, do research, work clinically, mentor residents/medical students, and have a work-life balance. Does this sound familiar, and at the same time overwhelming?

Recently I read several articles on this very topic and thought maybe I would give some perspective on useful strategies to succeed in academic medicine, get recognized, and still have that healthy work-life balance.

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Writing content for social media? Protect yourself!

Hand holding a Social Media 3d SphereIn the past few months, this blog has been successful in working with Google to remove pirating sites, which directly cut and paste all of our content (including PV cards!) directly into their own blog as their own. This broaches the greater question of disclaimers, copyright, and privacy.

Last month, Dr. Steve Carroll (EM Basic) nicely summarized these issues and constructed nice language for anyone’s social media productions. In fact, with his permission, I have incorporated much of the wordings into this blog’s disclaimer section (bottom of About Us). (more…)

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Are IVs scut work?

Is there educational value to teaching and learning how to place peripheral IVs? Not the exciting central lines, IOs, or ultrasound guided IVs. I am talking about straight forward and routine peripheral IVs. 

Or is this scut work? Can there be any educational value to scut work?


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