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AIR series toxicology 2023 module


Welcome to the AIR Toxicology Module! After carefully reviewing all relevant posts in the past 12 months from the top 50 sites of the Digital Impact Factor [1], the ALiEM AIR Team is proud to present the highest quality online content related to related to toxicology in the Emergency Department. 8 blog posts met our standard of online excellence and were approved for residency training by the AIR Series Board. More specifically, we identified 3 AIR and 5 Honorable Mentions. We recommend programs give 4 hours of III credit for this module.


AIR Stamp of Approval and Honorable Mentions


In an effort to truly emphasize the highest quality posts, we have 2 subsets of recommended resources. The AIR stamp of approval is awarded only to posts scoring above a strict scoring cut-off of ≥30 points (out of 35 total), based on our scoring instrument. The other subset is for “Honorable Mention” posts. These posts have been flagged by and agreed upon by AIR Board members as worthwhile, accurate, unbiased, and appropriately referenced despite an average score.


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Highlighted Quality Posts: Toxicology


Blog/PodcastArticle TitleAuthor(s)DateAIR/HM
EM OttawaBuprenorphine: A guide for ED providersMax Zworth, MD and Rebecca Seliga, MDMar 9, 2023AIR
EMCritAlcohol withdrawalJosh Farkas, MDMar 29, 2023AIR
ALIEMPhenobarbital as 1st line medication for alcohol withdrawal: have you switched from benzodiazepines yet?Alex Rogers MD, J.D. Cambron DOJun 1, 2023AIR
EM DocsN-acetylcysteine for Acetaminophen ToxicityEric Sabatini Regueira, MD and Ann-Jeannette Geib, MD Aug 3, 2023HM
EM DocsMethylene blueQuinton Nannet, MD and Christine Murphy, MDDec 27, 2022HM
EM DocsAcute organophosphate toxicityDaniel Escobar, MD and Ann-Jeannette Geib, MDJun 7, 2023HM
Core EMUpdates in high dose insulin and euglycemia therapy for the treatment of b-adrenergic receptor and calcium channel antagonist overdoseWilliam Plowe, MDMar 28, 2022HM
EM OttawaCBRNE and HAZMAT: Be preparedPatrick Fisk, MDJan 19, 2023HM


(AIR = Approved Instructional Resource; HM = Honorable Mention)


If you have any questions or comments on the AIR series, or this AIR module, please contact us!




  1. Lin M, Phipps M, Chan TM, et al. Digital Impact Factor: A Quality Index for Educational Blogs and Podcasts in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. Ann Emerg Med. 2023;82(1):55-65. doi:10.1016/j.annemergmed.2023.02.011, PMID 36967275

ACMT Toxicology Visual Pearl: Who Doesn’t Like a Nice Rosé?

test tube of different color urine

What clinical presentation and medication is associated with this urinary discoloration?

  1. Critical illness requiring intubation and propofol sedation
  2. Cyanide toxicity requiring sodium thiosulfate
  3. Iron toxicity treated with deferoxamine
  4. Refractory vasoplegic shock treated with methylene blue
  5. Septic shock treated with vancomycin and cefepime


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