Bridging the quality gap: Becoming a peer-reviewed blog

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We are now a peer-reviewed blog. It starts today. I have been frustrated (in a good way) by the recent social media discussions (see about how social media content is viewed with a skeptical eye by medical educators, academicians, and professionals because of the lack of formal quality-control mechanisms. [+]

New video series: P-Videos by Dr. Jeremy Faust

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Welcome to the blog Dr. Jeremy Faust, who is currently an emergency medicine resident from Mount Sinai Hospital and Elmhurst Hospital Center. He’s a frequent contributor to ACEP News, a proud proponent of Free Open Access Medical Education (#FOAMed), and a classical musician and producer. We extremely lucky to have Jeremy join our ALiEM blog team. What are P-Videos? [+]

Eavesdrop into LIVE International EM Faculty Development Conference

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Today is the second day of the International EM Faculty Development and Teaching Course hosted at the University of Maryland by Dr. Rob Rogers and Dr. Amal Mattu. Although unable to attend, I have been able to be a virtual participant in real-time for many parts of the large-group didactic sessions. Have you heard of Livestream? [+]

Welcome new blog team member: Dr. Nikita Joshi

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Welcome our newest team member on the blog with a specific focus on teaching about Medical Education, Dr. Nikita Joshi! She is a graduating EM resident, pursuing a career in academics. "My goal with this blog is to share ideas, thoughts, and experiences about teaching. Teaching is after all one of our most sacred and treasured skills as clinicians. I hope to ignite the same passion I have with the readers and to engage in insightful dialogue."

I joined Twitter. Now what? (Tutorial video #1 – iPhone)

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There has been a recent groundswell of interest and support for using Twitter purely for medical education. After getting several requests to get a quick tutorial of how I use it, I thought I would do a quick, on-the-fly video in my hotel room of how I use it on my iPhone (Echofon app) and on my laptop (Hootsuite). This is the first video on using the iPhone for Twitter. [+]

Mini-guide to Twitter: Why should I join?

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What is Twitter?  It’s a social network where people can send messages of a maximum of 140 characters in real time. It was created in 2006, and it has grown tremendously ever since. When it was first created the messages, called tweets, were about what people were doing in real time. Nowadays people, or “tweeple” as they are called on Twitter, are tweeting about any subject in the world. Here’s is detailed guide on how to use Twitter by Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Slide 35 is a 7:47 minute video where Dr. Chretien, an internist, is interviewed about the [+]