RIP: Ode to my textbooks

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If you were to take a look at my bookcases, you would classify me as a book hoarder. Yes, it’s true I have been collecting book. Some have been with me since college. Books have so much information, and I have always felt a bit paranoid about throwing them away and then not having them for a critical piece of information that I need. [+]

Welcome to the blog team: Bryan Hayes, PharmD

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Have you been reading the mind-blowing pearls on Twitter by Bryan Hayes, PharmD, DABAT? He is taking world of ED pharmacology and toxicology by storm on Twitter as @PharmERToxGuy. If have not been following him, you are missing out. I usually end up hitting “favorite” for all of his tweets to review again later. So for purely selfish reasons, I asked Bryan to see if he’d be willing to expand his 140 character gems on this blog. Much to my delight, he said yes! [+]

Sort me! Paucis Verbis cards now catalogued

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After much recent feedback on the poll about the Paucis Verbis cards (thanks to all who responded!), I see trends: Several have commented that it is getting increasingly difficult to find a card that they are searching for. There are over 100 cards now! So, I managed to figure out how to embed a Google Doc spreadsheet into the blog, which now allows you to sort and search for particular cards (minor HTML coding necessary). This list will permanently live on the Paucis Verbis page. [+]

Welcome to the blog team: Dr. Javier Benítez

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It is with great pleasure that I introduce the newest member of the Academic Life in EM blog team — Dr. Javier Benítez. He is an extremely active EM Twitter educator (@jvrbntz), who can efficiently convey key concepts in 140 characters or less! Got a short attention span? Follow Javier’s Twitter feed. Currently, Javier is posting “Question of the Day” tweets, which reference the Paucis Verbis pocket cards on this site. It is a perfect example of a bridge between blogs and Twitter for medical education. He’ll also be posting on the blog as well. [+]

Video: A primer on social media (ICEM 2012)

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At the recent International Conference in Emergency Medicine (ICEM), the professorial Dr. Mike Cadogan (Life In The Fast Lane) gave a talk on Social Media in Medicine. Thanks to Dr. Andy Neill (Emergency Medicine Ireland) for recording this. See below for the 36 minute video. Well worth a watch. [+]

Survey: Why do you use Twitter?

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I recently got a comment on the blog asking why people need to use Twitter, if they're already following blogs. I thought I would open this up to the blogosphere. I personally use my Twitter account (@M_Lin) for a variety of reasons: I tweet the link to my blog whenever there is a new post (I just tweeted a link to this post!) Scan quick, real-time information from clinicians I trust Know "what's hot" in EM, medical education, and education technologies Learn of new blogs and websites which I didn't know about Quickly check tweets on-the-fly on my iPhone during [+]

SAEM 2012 meeting and social media

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Those of us active in social media had quite an active meeting at the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine meeting in Chicago, IL this past week. First off, Dr. David Marcus (@EMIMDoc) from Long Island Jewish Medical Center, NY gave many of us blogs a kind shout-out. Also, many "iReporters" were on scene to live-tweet various events. Take a look at some of the posts below. Click on #SAEM12 hashtag to see the whole Twitter feed. I remember hearing that there were over 600 tweets!