Writing content for social media? Protect yourself!

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In the past few months, this blog has been successful in working with Google to remove pirating sites, which directly cut and paste all of our content (including PV cards!) directly into their own blog as their own. This broaches the greater question of disclaimers, copyright, and privacy. Last month, Dr. Steve Carroll (EM Basic) nicely summarized these issues and constructed nice language for anyone’s social media productions. In fact, with his permission, I have incorporated much of the wordings into this blog’s disclaimer section (bottom of About Us). [+]

7 questions for creator of Clinical Monster: A resident-run website and blog

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Residencies using websites to communicate with their residents are certainly not a new phenomenon. However, usually they are not visually appealing, rarely are controlled by the residents themselves, and are infrequently updated. Resident-run blogs are also not usually part of these websites. In this write up, I wanted to highlight a fantastic and dynamic resident-run website and blog: ClinicalMonster.com  [+]

Welcome new blog team member: Dr. Salim Rezaie

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Please help me welcome Dr. Salim Rezaie, a star from the academic world of Emergency Medicine! I have been secretly stalking him on Twitter and finally found an opportunity to meet him and recruit him onto the ALiEM blog team while at the recent Council of Residency Directors (CORD) for EM annual conference.   [+]

Need your input! PV cards becoming an app

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It’s all about luck, opportunity, and timing. I will be releasing the blog’s first ever Paucis Verbis (PV) native app this year. After a few years of brainstorming and lots of reader inquiries about an app, we were approached by two different app-building companies in the same week. I’m incredibly humbled to be approached by organizations, who can see the potential of these pocket cards (which started as actual index cards while I was in residency). It is an incredibly exciting time to be in the world of education and social media! I need your help with step 1. [+]

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Built a 20-person worldwide educator panel in two hours

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of sharing my thoughts to an enthusiastic crowd of UCSF preclinical medical students on one of my favorite topics “Technology and Social Media in Emergency Medicine”. This is the perfect target audience to teach about developing a workflow habit for keeping up with digital information, since they are only starting to grow their clinical knowledge foundation. On the morning of my noon talk, I regretted not recruiting some fellow FOAMed (Free Open Access Meducation) supporters to email me their thoughts about why social media is here to stay in medical education. How great would it have been to [+]

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Cape Town Emergency Medicine YouTube Channel

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In line with the philosophy and awesomeness of FOAM, Dr. Almero Oosthuizen and the EM Physicians at Cape Town South Africa have created the EM Cape Town YouTube Channel for the purposes of demonstrating critical EM procedures. This great series was created with zero budget, limited time, and only with the use of an iPhone for recording purposes. This group is very passionate about teaching, and it shows through the videos. [+]

Website: Emergency Board Review

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The emergency board in-training exam is a standardized exam that takes place every year in most if not all of the EM residency programs in the United States. It is administered on the last Wednesday in February. The exam is administered by the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM). The knowledge assessed by this exam is what’s expected from residents in their third year of residency. According to ABEM there is a strong correlation between the in-training score and passing of the boards. [+]

Bridging the quality gap: Becoming a peer-reviewed blog

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We are now a peer-reviewed blog. It starts today. I have been frustrated (in a good way) by the recent social media discussions (see BoringEM.com) about how social media content is viewed with a skeptical eye by medical educators, academicians, and professionals because of the lack of formal quality-control mechanisms. [+]

New video series: P-Videos by Dr. Jeremy Faust

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Welcome to the blog Dr. Jeremy Faust, who is currently an emergency medicine resident from Mount Sinai Hospital and Elmhurst Hospital Center. He’s a frequent contributor to ACEP News, a proud proponent of Free Open Access Medical Education (#FOAMed), and a classical musician and producer. We extremely lucky to have Jeremy join our ALiEM blog team. What are P-Videos? [+]