How I Work Smarter: Christopher Lloyd, DO

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One word that best describes how you work? Opportunistically Current mobile device iPhone 12 Pro Computer iPhone Xr What is something you are working on now? Qualitative analysis on resident perceptions of feedback How did you come up with this Idea/Project? As a program we are continuing to look at how feedback is being delivered to residents, when it is happening, how it is received/implemented, etc. This project grew from a desire to explore the resident perspective on these topics so as to understand better where we are effective with our feedback techniques and practices and where we can find [+]

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How We Have Kept and Will Continue to Keep Going | Summary of The Leader’s Library Discussion

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Last month, 30 people from 4 different countries and 15 different states + Puerto Rico, ranging from their early twenties to mid sixties, bravely jumped into a two-and-a-half day conversation on Slack about creativity, resilience, and their careers-- the fifth version of The Leader’s Library. We discussed the book Keep Going: Ten Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad by Austin Kleon, and reflected together on the evolution of our creativity from childhood through middle age, and how a career in emergency medicine requires creativity in every possible form. Please see our earlier post for a more detailed [+]

GroundED in EM: A new ALiEMU course series for third-year medical students

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During the pandemic, similar to how a work-from-home mentality has become more accepted, a learn-on-own mentality has arisen for medical students. The success of the 9-part Bridge to Emergency Medicine (EM) self-guided curriculum for senior medical students interested in EM has confirmed this. This was evidenced by over 130,000 page views about the Bridge curriculum since March 2020 and 609 awarded ALiEMU certificates since April 2021 (launched only 2 months ago!). GroundED in EM: A new curriculum for third-year medical students We are thrilled to announce a 4-week, self-guided reading/listening curriculum along with choose-your-own-adventure cases paired now with ALiEMU quizzes, [+]

Are You Using the Right Evaluation Tool to Assess Learners? Putting Validity on Trial

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As medical educators, we often rely on assessment tools to evaluate our learners. Whether in the form of a post-lecture survey or a checklist by a standardized patient assessment, tools are used throughout medical training and beyond. How do we know the tool we are using is appropriate? Is it assessing the right things? Do the scores have any meaning? We often search for tools that have been “validated” and feel more confident applying the results. But what makes a tool “valid”? With a few simple concepts, we can better choose and create our assessment tools and therefore better cater [+]

How I Work Smarter: Miguel Reyes, MD

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One word that best describes how you work? Comfortable Current mobile device iPhone 12 Pro Computer Macbook Air What is something you are working on now? Wound Care article, REBEL EM CME content, Journal Reviews How did you come up with this Idea/Project? It was an opportunity that presented itself during the fellowship. It’s a collaborative effort with other faculty members to pull together this large review article, its a lot of work and effort but I think it’ll be worth it. As for the REBEL content, I’ve been working with Salim for a little bit and this chance came [+]

How I Work Smarter: Laryssa Patti, MD

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One word that best describes how you work? Organized chaos (that's 2 words) Current mobile device iPhone XS Computer 2020 13" Macbook Air + iPad with keyboard as a second monitort What is something you are working on now? Incorporating FOAM into our EM clerkship How did you come up with this Idea/Project? COVID decided for me -- we’re working on a way to keep students engaged even though we’re still semi-distance learning. Additionally, I want to send my students into residency knowing that FOAM exists but needs to be assessed in the same way we think about peer reviewed [+]

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Caring for the Fasting Patient in the ED

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Millions of Muslims around the world observe the holy month of Ramadan. Some may have mild or chronic medical conditions that can become exacerbated, requiring emergent medical attention. Emergency Physicians ought to have a working knowledge about the religious rules of Ramadan and their medical implications. In this article, we will provide an overview of the significance of Ramadan to Muslims, its practices, and discuss the important considerations for emergency physicians when providing care to Muslim patients in the Emergency Department (ED). Lastly, we will explore ways to mitigate the ethical dilemma when a fasting patient refuses a life-saving treatment [+]

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The Leader’s Library: Keep Going | Sign up to join the book club discussion

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As we submit our responses to the daily health screen for the thousandth time; realize, after having removed a mountain of PPE and sanitized our hands, that we left our phone in the patient’s room and would need to re-don everything; repeatedly observe the inevitable struggle with mute/unmute on Zoom; with all of these regular tasks and activities enveloping our lives these days, it’s hard to feel creative. Is the practice of emergency medicine a creative endeavor? How can we increase not just our creative or scholarly output, but also our internal sense of artistry and creation? Podcast Preview of [+]

Reading from the Silver Linings Playbook: The ALiEM Connect Project

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It feels like yesterday that we were sheltered-in-place, staring at our computers, wondering, “So now what?”  As COVID-19 paused all in-person educational sessions, the early morning residency conference we used to begrudgingly join quickly became something that we profoundly missed. While we can now be “present” while wearing sweatpants and a button-down shirt, we miss the human connection. Many of us would gladly even suffer through traffic just to be a part of this morning conference tradition. As educators and innovators, we know what a disruptive force the COVID-19 pandemic has been to the medical community. It has strained our [+]

How I Work Smarter: Sara Dimeo, MD

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One word that best describes how you work? Collaboratively Current mobile device iPhone 11 Pro Computer MacBook Pro What is something you are working on now? The Impact of Digital Badges on Motivation in Asynchronous Learning How did you come up with this Idea/Project? When COVID hit, we had to think creatively on how to engage learners in an online format. Having done a fellowship in Multimedia, Design, Education Technology I was really excited to experiment with different techniques. My main goal is always to create a sense of engagement, even when there is limited ability to do so in [+]