Holiday Gift Guide for ALiEM Readers: Top 7 Favorite Level-Up Gear

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The difference between a great shift in the Emergency Department and a frustrating one can sometimes be attributable to having the right gear or peri-shift routine. Listed are the top 6 "level-up" tools, recommended by our team. We have a very limited supply of custom ALiEM socks available at $20 per medium-sized pair. These socks have been rumored to quell the blackest of black clouds in the Emergency Department. It may be because of the "Stomping Out Disease" mantra on the socks. You'll have to try for yourself. We have orange (with the COVID-19 graphic) and lime green socks. These [+]

Holiday Gift Guide for ALiEM Readers: Top 7 Favorite Books

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With the holiday season rapidly approaching, we polled the ALiEM team on favorite books to buy for yourself or a fellow healthcare provider. Many of us try to make time to read in our busy schedules to learn, be entertained, understand, process, and grow. As Truman stated, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” View our top 7 recommendations below. 1. Tricks of the Trade in Emergency Medicine We are biased, but we believe that the Tricks of the Trade book would make a lovely coffee table gift for you or your colleague. The hardbound, color print [+]

How I Work Smarter: Mark Ramzy, DO EMT-P

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One word that best describes how you work? Focused Current mobile device Samsung Galaxy S20 Computer Samsung Notebook 9 What is something you are working on now? Ultrasound Teaching Curriculum (both image review and interpretation) that can be made virtual and in very small group sessions with focused teaching and infographics. How did you come up with this Idea/Project? We performed a needs assessment in ultrasound learning across different divisions and specialties (IM, Anesthesia, etc) within the hospital. This didn't just include medical students and residents/fellows, but also included attendings and faculty members with a longitudinal component to teaching. [+]

EM Match Advice: Where did all the jobs go, and did the applicants follow?

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In this episode of EM Match Advice, our panel takes on the tough issues of 2021. Specifically we discuss the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Workforce Study [1] that projects fewer jobs for emergency physicians and the hot-off-the-press ERAS data showing a drop in the number of EM residency applicants, compared to 2 years ago. Did one cause the other? In this podcast, Dr. Mike Gisondi and Dr. Michelle Lin host an esteemed panel of 3 program directors, Dr. Cassandra Bradby (East Carolina University), Dr. Adam Kellogg (Baystate Health), and Dr. Craig Krausz (Saint Louis University). The Numbers The [+]

The 1440 Doctor: 3 Tips for Combating Distractions while Working From Home

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We have all been there. You sit down to write your next masterpiece that you know any journal would be lucky to accept and “ding” your phone goes off. You check it, you type a few words on the google document, you hear some yelling in the other room (A kid? Your neighbor's kid?). You try to focus and tell yourself not to worry about it. You need to get this section of the paper written today. The doorbell rings, you hop up to see what it is. Amazon has arrived. Sound familiar? Our brains are hardwired for distraction. Back in [+]

IDEA Series: DIY Suture Kit Station

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In medical training there is a lack of simulation based activities including procedural labs. Suturing is a critical skill for trainees to master in the emergency department. However, supervised practice is needed prior to suturing a real patient for the first time. This innovation allows early trainees to master suturing while on shift, using easy to find materials, which increases procedural competency and confidence. This activity allows the teacher to assess and correct the trainees procedural skills prior to attempting to suture a real patient. Name of innovation This Do-It-Yourself Suture Kit Station incorporates easy to find materials available in [+]

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20 Tips for Career Success and Longevity in Emergency Medicine

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Photo by Snapwire on The practice of emergency medicine (EM) is consistently challenging. At any given moment during a shift, emergency physicians are responsible for making numerous decisions about multiple patients. Many of these decisions are time-sensitive, some a matter of life or death. Physical, intellectual, and spiritual fatigue can set in during or after a shift. Our consultants, clinic physicians, or hospital administrators rarely understand the roller coaster we ride. Out of necessity, those of us practicing EM look for ways to navigate the peaks and valleys that make up the natural rhythm of the emergency department. I was [+]

Stanford’s INFODEMIC Conference on COVID-19 Misinformation: Open-access podcasts

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In July 2021, Dr. Vivek Murthy became the first U.S. Surgeon General to declare health misinformation a public health crisis. Specifically, COVID-19 vaccine misinformation and disinformation on social media greatly affects vaccination rates in certain populations. Rapid increases in reliable health information about COVID-19 can be overshadowed by the spread of even greater amounts of misinformation, leading to an ‘infodemic.’ The World Health Organization defines an infodemic as: “... too much information including false or misleading information in digital and physical environments during a disease outbreak. It causes confusion and risk-taking behaviours that can harm health. It also leads to [+]

ED Management of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome: Breaking the Cycle

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What is cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome? Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) is a condition in which patients who have been using cannabis or synthetic cannabinoids for a prolonged period of time develop a pattern of episodic, severe vomiting (usually accompanied by abdominal pain) interspersed with prolonged asymptomatic periods. When should you consider cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome as a diagnosis? The diagnostic criteria for CHS require evidence of relief of symptoms with sustained cessation from cannabis, which makes them of limited utility in the Emergency Department (ED) [1]. However, a number of ED-based diagnostic criteria have been proposed with overlapping features [1,2]. There are [+]

Unleashing Creativity

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Creativity is at the core of process improvement necessary for the advancement of the medical profession. We need to unleash our creativity to meet the rapidly changing needs of graduate medical education.  Think of that one person in your department who always seems to be coming up with the newest trick for doing a procedure or a creative method of delivering medical education. What if there was a way for you to become that creative person? The good news is that creative thinking can be learned, and with practice, can become a habit to where it comes naturally.   Collect [+]