• Tea bag

Tricks of the Trade: Tea bags to the rescue

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 I have heard of using tea bags under your eyes to reduce puffiness, but to combat odors in the ED? In my growing list of “Tricks of the Trade” tips for protecting your olfactory nerves (Antacid booties for toxic sock syndrome, aerosolized orange juice, abscess drainage using suction), I got a clinical gem from Dr. James Juarez (Rogue Valley Medical Center in Ashland, OR) after my recent Tricks of the Trade talk at High Risk EM in San Francisco. […]

  • Tourniquet

Trick of the Trade: Ring removal from a finger

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 A patient presents with a swollen finger after falling and fracturing it. The patient is more distraught by the fact that she can’t get the ring off her finger. She implores you not to cut the ring off. There are textbook chapters written about tightly wrapping the digit with string from distal-to-proximal and sliding the string under the ring. Theoretically, the provider can pull and unwind the proximal end of the string to gradually coax the ring over the coils of string. I have personally found little luck with this maneuver.   […]

Videos: The EM Eye Exam

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Thanks to Dr. David Duong and Dr. Najm Haqu (UCSF) for letting me cross-post their amazing instructional video on the “EM Eye Exam”. These videos were made for the purpose of teaching senior medical students on their UCSF-SFGH EM clerkship. I thought it’d be great to share these tutorials, since the eye exam is typically a daunting task for many medical students (and residents). […]

  • Ultrasound Workshop

Tricks of the Trade: Ultrasound workshop setup

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 Have you ever been to an ultrasound workshop where each small group of attendees huddles around the small ultrasound display? Personally I think the 3 people closest to the display really see the images well. This tends to exclude the other participants. Last week, I hosted (my first!) ultrasound workshop for the UCSF Alumni CME Conference where I showed peri-retired UCSF alumni from various specialties about the future of bedside ultrasonography. I equated it to the 21st century stethoscope. Thanks to my star team of ultrasonographers: Dr. Asaravala, Flores, Miss, Lenaghan, and Wilson. […]

Paucis Verbis: Brugada syndrome

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Brugada, Brugada, Brugada You always hear about it when working up syncope and sudden cardiac arrest in young patients, but it’s so easy to forget what it looks like on ECG. We so rarely see it… or DO we?! This Paucis Verbis card on Brugada Syndrome is to help emblazon these ECG tracings in our mind, so that we don’t miss the subtle findings which place a patient at risk for sudden cardiac death. Pay special attention to Type 1, which is most specific for Brugada Syndrome. […]

  • Temperomandibular (TMJ) dislocation

Trick of the Trade: Temperomandibular (TMJ) dislocation

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Mandible, or TMJ, dislocations occur when the patient excessively opens the mouth, such as in a yawn. They are typically bilateral and are difficult to relocate because of masseter and medial pterygoid muscle spasm. You can relocate the condyles back into the TMJ space with gentle but firm intraoral pressure inferiorly and posteriorly. Often it requires some sedation to help relax the muscles of mastication. […]